Check Our Listings: This Was Television’s First Lineup

TV Guide Saturday Evening Grid (7/8/89) (Detroit)

Our launch date is Monday, June 11, 2012. Beginning then, we’ll be posting new content — including episode reviews, roundtable discussions, nuggets of TV history, and some other features we hope to rollout in the ensuing weeks and months. Check your local listings! (Or follow us on Twitter at @ThisWasTV for regular updates.)

Here’s a look at the shows we’ll be kicking off with:

On Mondays, Cory will continue the Hill Street Blues retrospective he began at TV Surveillance. Join him on June 11 as he dives into season two of the classic 1980s police drama.

Tuesdays, Noel “draws” us into the world of animation! (You see, because animated shows are…y’know what, forget it.) On June 12, he and Andy will begin a biweekly retrospective of the 1970s superhero extravaganza Super Friends. On alternating Tuesdays, starting on June 19, he’ll mix things up with the anime series Oniisama e… about a young girl surviving the trials and tribulations of a private all-girls high school.

Les crosses the pond to examine the original Prime Suspect, the groundbreaking British drama starring Helen Mirren. Look for his critical detective work on Wednesdays beginning June 13. (Ssssh! No one tell Les that Jane Tennison doesn’t wear a jaunty crime-solving hat!)

The whole gang will convene on Thursdays for roundtable discussions of classic programs. We kick off the series with the first season of Taxi, one of the most beloved sitcoms of its era, beginning on Thursday, June 14 with the pilot episode.

And just to show we have interests other than TV, on Fridays the four of us will host a book club…about TV. We’ll be covering different tomes which shed some light on the history of the boob tube, starting with Top of the Rock, the recently released oral history of NBC’s Must See TV era by former president of NBC entertainment Warren Littlefield. If you’d like to pick up the book and follow along, our first installment will run Friday, June 15, and cover the introduction through Chapter 5.

Every day, we’ll also boost your arsenal of cocktail party trivia by spotlighting events from the date in TV history, compiled by Andy.

Since we’re just getting things off the ground, we’ll be turning to readers for feedback and recommendations aplenty — so please, make your voice heard! You can email us at, or reach us on Twitter at @ThisWasTV.

Post slider image: TV Guide schedule grid for Saturday, July 8, 1989 in the Detroit area. From Vintage Toledo TV.

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