This Was Television On June 13

1925: Inventor Charles Francis Jenkins provides the first public demonstration in the U.S. of a synchronized transmission of pictures and sound

According to the Museum of Broadcast Communications, “This early work in mechanical scanning television helped lay the foundation for later all-electronic television.”

Jenkins’s pioneering broadcast consisted of “crude silhouettes,” notable more for their spectacle than for narrative or coherence. Today, Ryan Murphy cites them as a huge influence on his work.  -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Tim Allen, tool man (59); Malcolm McDowell, even made Heroes entertaining (69); Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Tanner tots (26); Richard Thomas, John-Boy (61).

2 Responses to “This Was Television On June 13”

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    […] Flagging ratings in the ABC drama’s fourth and final season led to a six-month midseason hiatus. This unsuual move pushed the final episode into the 1992 Emmy eligibility period. Consequently, when star Dana Delany won her second Best Actress trophy in the fall of ’92, it was for a show that hadn’t aired in episode in over 13 months. […]


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