This Was Television On June 22

2011: Glee Live! In Concert! hits Europe

The crowd-pleasing concert tour, based on Ryan Murphy’s pop-song-and-unfathomable-plot pastiche, began a nine-date swing through the U.K. and Ireland with a show in Manchester, England. Star cast members who crossed the pond in a reverse-British Invasion included Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Dianna Agron, and Chord Overstreet. 

Some may ask why an unremarkable milestone for a somewhat crass brand extension of a faddish, current show constitutes an historic event worth calling out. To those people, This Was Television On would reply that the pickings were slim today, and it was either this or the debut of Memphis Beat. -A.D.

Today’s BirthdaysAmy Brenneman, judging (48); Bruce Campbell, Axe-man (54); Carson Daly, Casey Kasem of the boy-band era (39); Steve Eastin, Hall of Fame “That Guy” (64); Donald Faison, Scrub (38); David Lander, Squiggy (55); Mary Lynn Rajskub, still not a CTU mole, probably (41); Prunella Scales, Fawlty femme (80); Michael Trucco, Galactican (42); Lindsay Wagner, Bionic Woman (63).

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