This Was Television On July 11

1950: MLB’s All-Star Game is first televised

 The 17th annual midsummer classic was played at Chicago’s Comiskey Park, but seen for the first time by fans across the nation. This was also the first All-Star game to go into extra innings, with the American League defeating the National League 4–3 in 14. 

This day also saw the first All-Star Weekend celebrity softball game, though the concept would be shelved for several decades in the wake of the fracas which erupted when overzealous baserunner Elizabeth Taylor charged headlong into opposing catcher Lou Costello guarding home plate. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Justin Chambers, Seattle Grace doc (42); Greg Grunberg, J.J.-verse staple (46); David Henrie, Disney wiz (23); Bruce McGill, MacGyver buddy (62); Connor Paolo, non-revenged-upon Grayson (22); Lisa Rinna, Mama Echolls (49); Michael Rosenbaum, DC hero and villain (40); Mindy Sterling, metalbender (59); Sela Ward, sister (56).

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