This Was Television On July 13

1985: Live Aid takes over the U.S. and the U.K.

ABC, MTV, and the BBC all took part in one of the longest and most elaborate international broadcasts ever, as the iconic benefit concert rocked London and Philadelphia. Despite the range of technical challenges, the 16-hour-long event aired in 150 countries and was seen by nearly two billion people.

Live Aid’s runaway success inspired a slew of star-studded events for charity in the 1980s, including Farm Aid to benefit American farmers, Sport Aid to support African famine relief, and perhaps less ambitiously, Rite Aid, to fill Bob Geldof’s diet pill prescription before the one on the corner closed at 8 p.m.  -A.D.

Today’s BirthdaysBob Crane, P.O.W. (d. 1978); Dave Garroway, yesterday’s Today (d. 1982); Ken Jeong, a doctor but he doesn’t play one on TV (43); Lesli Kay, multi-soap player (47); Tom Kenny, Ice King (50); Tony Kornheiser, ESPN yakker (64); Cheech Marin, bridged Nash (66); Steven R. McQueen, yeah he talks to angels (well, ghosts) (24); Daphne Maxwell Reid, Fresh Prince aunt #2 (64); Robert Forster, Papa Sisco (71); Patrick Stewart, knows how many lights there are (72).

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