This Was Television On July 15

1996: MSNBC debuts

A joint development between NBC and Microsoft—two of the decade’s biggest powerhouses in the world of communications—the channel was part of a wave of cable news outlets launched in the wake of CNN’s growing success. As the network evolved, it developed a left-of-center perspective and established a niche as the cable news counterweight to right-leaning competitor Fox News.

MSNBC’s range of on-air talent has included former sportscaster Keith Olbermann, former congressman Joe Scarborough, and former Pink Floyd laser light show exotic dancer Chris Matthews.   -A.D.

Today’s BirthdaysWillie Aames, Baio buddy (52); Scott Foley, Felicity suitor (40); Brian Austen Green, Peach Pit pop star (39); Alex Karras, Webster pop (77); Terry O’Quinn, don’t tell him what he can’t do (60); Lana Parrilla, evil queen (35); Adam Savage, Mythbuster (45); Jan-Michael Vincent, airwolf (68); Tristan Wilds, West Balmer middle schooler (23).

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