This Was Television On July 25

2011: The 90s return to Nick

Embracing a bit of its own TV History, Nickelodeon’s sister channel, TeenNick, began rerunning a few of the programs that defined an era for the mothership network 20 years prior. The late-night programming bloc, dubbed “The ’90s Are All That,” featured nostalgia-stoking favorites such as Clarissa Explains It AllDougAll That, and Kenan & Kel.

Other networks have also tried to capitalize on the trend of 90s-mania, including MTV’s resuscitation of Beavis and Butthead and 120 Minutes, and C-SPAN’s less successful Saturday night fare The Tom Daschle Power Hour.  -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Estelle Getty, golden (d. 2008); James Lafferty, Nathan Scott (25); Matt LeBlanc, Dr. Drake Ramore (45); Jerry Paris, dentist & director (d. 1986); Wendy Raquel Robinson, gameswoman (45).

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