This Was Television On July 30

2006Top of the Pops ends after 42 years

Premiering on New Year’s Day 1964, Top of the Pops was one of the most popular and prolific music programs in British history, and one of the longest-running TV programs anywhere. It featured tracks and live performances of the week’s biggest hit singles, as well as a rigorous rundown of the music charts, making it one of thie most thorough contemporary catalogs of British pop music.

ToTP notched over 2,200 episodes and was exported around the world. In America it was successfully adapted as Total Request Live, remaining essentially the same show but substituting the audience’s “WOOOO” in place of “cheeri0!” -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Delta Burke, designing woman (56); Laurence Fishburne, CSIer-come-lately (51); Tom Green, was honestly a thing for a little while there (41); Sid Krofft, Pufnstufer (83); Lisa Kudrow, two Buffays for the price of one (49); Ken Olin, yuppie icon (58); Jaime Pressly, Earl’s ex (35); Yvonne Strahovski, Subway-sponsored spy (30); Hilary Swank, 90210 denizen (38); Christine Taylor, hey dudette (41); Dick Wilson, Mr. Whipple (d. 2007); Vladimir Zworykin, cathode ray pioneer (d. 1982).

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