This Was Television On August 3

1966: The Flintstones hit the silver screen

 Shortly after the prime time cartoon’s six season run wrapped up, the modern Stone Age family hit theaters in The Man Called Flintstone. The movie parodied the then-popular spy genre (as evidenced by its title), and also featured songs by Louis Prima.

The Man Called Flintstone was one of the earliest instances of a popular TV show receiving a feature film adaptation, a trend which recently lost all appeal with fans and studios alike and has not been discussed on the Internet in years.  -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Michael Ealy, common lawman (39); Mamie Gummer, M.D.-to-be (29); Jean Hagen, made room for daddy (d. 1977); Evangeline Lilly, Island hopper (33); John C. McGinley, misanthropic mentor (53); Martin Sheen, Bartlet being Bartlet (72); Jo Marie Payton, Winslow matriarch (63); Isaiah Washington, Seattle Grace doc (49).

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