This Was Television On August 9

1963Ready, Steady, Go! gets ready steady going

The UK pop music showcase debuted on ITV on this date, beginning a three-year run. The series featured some of the 1960s’ most illustrious pop, rock, and R&B acts, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who. RSG featured Jimi Hendrix’s first appearance on the British airwaves, and the show is credited with discovering “Mellow Yellow” crooner Donovan.

RSG was in some ways a British Bandstand. However, Dick Clark’s attempt to import the concept as RSG! USA! in 1964 was a nonstarter, possibly because of the too-faithful adaptation’s insistence on beginning each episode with a hearty “Cheerio, guv’nor!” and pronouncing “favorite” with a u.  -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Gillian Anderson, skeptic (44); Amanda Bearse, Bundy neighbor (54); Jessica Capshaw, ABC lawyer and doctor (36); Sam Elliot, IMF vet (68); Hoda Kotb, morning anchor (48); Thomas Lennon, Reno lawman (42); Kevin McKidd, Roman (39).

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