It probably didn’t help that the “important dinner guest comes by and some third party makes things wacky” plot was getting old even when this episode first aired. I Love Lucy used it on many occasions. The Dick Van Dyke Show was always at its best when it innovated, and the upcoming episode is a fantastic example of that, as the writers think outside the standard sitcom box and give us something that could never show up in, say, The Honeymooners, while still managing to stay slavishly true to the core ideals of the sitcom format.

I did like Sol and Henry finding that connection, as Sol knows a lot about cars and Henry merely thinks he knows a lot about cars. That Henry was able to admit that he was wrong and make friends with Sol, and that he appears to have sufficient motivation for it from a characterization point of view, almost lifts him out of the one-dimensional “sitcom boss” box that they forced him into. Almost.