This Was Television On September 2

2001: Cartoon Network calls for Adult Swim

 The channel devoted to animated entertainment sought to attract older audiences by introducing a new, late-night programming bloc. Adult Swim featured cartoons and anime programs geared towards more mature (in one sense, anyway) viewers. Its first line-up consisted of revived ex-UPN comedy Home Movies; Hanna-Barbera pastiches Sealab 2021Harvey Birdman, and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast; Space Ghost spin-off The Brak Show; and anime adventure Cowboy Bebop.

Originating as a weekend bloc, Adult Swim eventually overtook Cartoon Network’s late night slots seven days a week. Repeats of then-canceled shows like Family Guy and Futurama boosted their popularity enough to bring them back into regular production. And with demographically-targeted originals like The Venture Bros. and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adult Swim single-handedly raised Doritos sales a whopping 4,000%. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Mary Jo Catlett, Drummond tidier (74); Mark Harmon, NCISter (61); Salma Hayek, Ugly Betty usherer (46); Tuc Watkins, Housewives hunk (46); Cynthia Watros, Tailie (44).

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