TWTV Hall of Fame: The First Nominations

By Cory Barker and Les Chappell

Welcome to the first round of This Was Television’s Hall of Fame. As described in our original announcement, Cory and Les (for now) will each be selecting three different shows in the categories of Drama, Comedy, and Wild Card. Each will present a brief case for his show’s inclusion in the Hall of Fame and debate the merits of both shows for inclusion. Then we’ll open it up to voting from the This Was Television readership. After voting has concluded, we’ll announce the winners and enshrine them in the Hall of Fame (with an appropriately shiny description), along with an announcement for our focus over the next month.

To remind you of the rules and forestall the inevitable cries as to why we didn’t include some of your favorites starting out: shows are only eligible for the Hall of Fame if they’ve either a) completed their runs and been off the air for a minimum of five years, or b) been on the air for long enough that their worthiness to be considered is without question. In cases of the latter, those circumstances will be discussed and agreed upon by both members of the Hall of Fame’s august voting body.

Again, please note that selection of these shows aren’t meant to serve as a last word on which shows represent quality, nor should they be seen as us recognizing one show at the expense of the other. This is just us having fun, talking about the shows that we think are important and talking about why we think they mean something.

While we’ll be going for more of a thematic ballot in the months to come, for our first outing we wanted to keep it simple. These are our knee-jerk reactions, the shows that were the first to come to mind when asked, “What belongs in the Hall of Fame?” 

Below, you’ll find direct links to all three nomination races in this first month. Please look them over and vote!

Drama: Twin Peaks vs. Playhouse 90

Comedy: I Love Lucy vs. All in the Family

Wild Card: Sesame Street vs. Saturday Night Live

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