Cool list, I am glad that I had the chance to watch Jack & Bobby on German TV, it has an amazing cast and was the kind of serious family drama that I enjoy a lot. Also Everwood’s Greg Berlanti was involved, a huge plus. One Tree Hill I like(d) in the first years, it was on its high seasons 1-4, season 5-6 still were surprisingly okay, after that (and a serious cast change) it went downhill. I know myself that I started that show back in 2009 when I started watching almost all my today’s favourite shows, so I also know that when I would ever rewatch it, it could really crash and burn, but it’s a nice show. Also I want to thank you for recommending “Nowhere Man” (man, sounds great!) and “Kevin Hill” (good luck finding that show), Taye Digg’s did a good job on the short 1 season show “Day Break” (if you don’t know it, get it, thrilling show with a well done ending).

I found that list while I was searching for some more WB (and also wanted to see what UPN has to offer) shows, since I am a big fan of some (Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Dawson’s Creek, Roswell, Jack & Bobby – and you also have to included the early OTH seasons, WB defintely had the better ones than CW, plus 7th Heaven very solid first season).