TWTV Hall of Fame: The Results! (September 2012 Edition)

By Cory Barker and Les Chappell

Hey all! The polls are closed and we have results in the first TWTV Hall of Fame vote. Before we get to the nominations, we’d just like to thank folks for voting, sharing and discussing with us new ideas related to the HoF. There might be some changes moving forward and we appreciate the feedback. In any event, here we go:

In the “Drama” race between Twin Peaks and Playhouse 90, your winner is: 

Twin Peaks! Seventy-six percent of voters wanted us to open up a wing of the HoF for the red room. 

In the “Comedy” race between I Love Lucy and All in the Family, your winner is:

I Love Lucy! In the closest race of the three, Lucy nipped All in the Family a very narrow margin and gained 55 percent of the votes. 

In the “Wild Card” race between Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live, your winner is:

Sesame Street! Big Bird and company garnered 80 percent of the votes. 

If you’re keeping track (because obviously we are), two of Les’ picks won, and only one of Cory’s did. Again, procedures and nominators could likely change in the future, but using this method, these are your winners. Remember, losers cannot be nominated for another three months. We’ll be back in October with a new theme and new nominees. 

As a celebration, enjoy the official theme song of This Was Television’s Hall of Fame:

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