This Was Television On October 7

1952 & 1989: American Bandstand‘s first & last dances

After 37 years and more than 3,000 episodes, American Bandstand aired its final installment in 1989. Having spent the vast majority of its run on ABC, the show by the late ’80s had been relegated first to syndication in 1987 and then to cable’s USA Network two years later. Dick Clark, the face of the brand, had relinquished hosting duties before the final season. The advent of MTV and the rise of Generation X supplanting Baby Boomers as arbiters of youth culture had hastened Bandstand‘s obsolescence in the preceding decade.

Coincidentally, Bandstand can trace its birth to Oct. 7 as well as its death. That was the date in 1952 when original host Bob Horn launched the dance program on local Philadelphia station WFIL.  -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: June Allyson, playhouse player (d. 2006); Aaron Ashmore, sidekick (33); Dylan Baker, damaged (53); Joy Behar, a.m. emcee (70); Andy Devine, deputy (d. 1977); Jamie Hector, his name is his name (37); Nicole Air Parker, soul foodie (42).

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