This Was Television On October 22

1962: President Kennedy addresses the nation

In a radio and television address to the United States, President John F. Kennedy announces the presence of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba, less than 100 miles from American soil. The discovery of the missiles had occurred a week prior on Oct. 15, but with this declaration the Cuban Missile Crisis, the most precarious stretch of the Cold War before or since, became public knowledge. This realization that the world’s two superpowers were able (and perhaps even willing) to annihilate one another permeated nearly every aspect of American culture and society for decades. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Family man (37); Annette Funicello, Mouseketeer (70); Jeff Goldblum, detective (60); Curly Howard, stooge (d. 1952); Jay Johnston, comic cop (44); Spike Jonze, music video maestro (43); Christopher Lloyd, cabbie (74); Richard McGonagle, voice actor (66); Bob Odenkirk, showman (50); Robert Torti, character actor (51).

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