This Was Television On October 28

1956: The return of The King

Elvis Presley’s first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show the previous September was a ratings smash, making a return visit all but inevitable. Where previously he had performed from Hollywood, this time the King dropped by CBS-TV’s New York City studio (later The Ed Sullivan Theater) to strut his legendary stuff during performances of “Hound Dog,” “Love Me Tender,” and “Don’t Be Cruel.” The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s second appearance was his also first on-air meeting with the iconic TV host, who had been convalescing in the hospital during the September episode. -A.D.

Also on October 28

1974: Rhoda Morgenstern, the popular Mary Tyler Moore Show character who was just eight episodes into her new spin-off, got hitched in one of the most-watched TV episodes of all-time. At the time of its airing, Rhoda’s marriage to Joe was second only to the birth of Little Ricky on I Love Lucy in 1953, drawing more than 50 million viewers representing more than half the viewing audience. Most of the regular MTM cast guest starred in “Rhoda’s Wedding,” which also won Valerie Harper her fourth Emmy in the role.

Today’s Birthdays: Mark Derwin, sitcom dad (52); Dennis Franz, cop (68); Jami Gertz, sitcom wife (47); Susan Harris, showrunner (72); Lauren Holly, DHS director (49); Annie Potts, designing woman (60); Andy Richter, sidekick (46); Matt Smith, Eleventh Doctor (30); Daphne Zuniga, Melrose Placer (50).

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