This Was Television On October 31

2010: The Walking Dead rises

Based Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book series of the same name, AMC’s post-apocalyptic horror drama premiered to some of the biggest Nielsen ratings in the cable channel’s history. The series follows a ragtag band of survivors, led by Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, as they battle zombies, despair, and one another. The 90-minute pilot was written and directed by Oscar-nominated director Frank Darabont, who acted as showrunner until midway through season two. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Michael J. Anderson, man from another place (59); John Candy, SCTVer (d. 1994); David Coburn, gonna take pollution down to zero (43); Deidre Hall, soap star (65); Sally Kirkland, character actress (71); Michael Landon, little house dweller (d. 1991); Vanessa Marano, switched at birth (20); Brian Doyle-Murray, sketch scribe (67); Jane Pauley, anchor (62); Piper Perabo, spy (36); Dan Rather, anchor (81); Ron Rifkin, evil spy (73); Rob Schneider, nickname enthusiast (49); David Ogden Stiers, 4077th vet (70); Eddie Kaye Thomas, husband ’til death (32); Ken Wahl, wiseguy (58). 

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