This Was Television On November 6

1947Meet The Press premieres

The longest tenured program on American television, NBC’s Sunday morning political panel show began a run which has eclipsed six decades and 4,800 episodes. Meet The Press has employed several formats over the years, bringing together prominent figures from American media, governmental, and policy circles to debate current events and issues. Its presence helped establish the network tradition of the Sunday morning talk show. -A.D.

Also on November 6

200124 debuts. The action thriller starring Kiefer Sutherland as a supremely skilled counter-terrorism agent became a hit for Fox by tapping into the War on Terror zeitgeist of the 2000s. In a sometimes-strained concept, 24 took place in real time, which each hour-long episode in its 24-episode season representing one hour in the day of Jack Bauer’s race against threats to national security.

Today’s Birthdays: Trace Beaulieu, snarky robot (54); Cam Clarke, hero on the half-shell (55); Peter DeLuise, Jump Streeter (46); Sally Field, flying nun (66); Jonathan Harris, space doctor (d. 2002); Katie Leclerc, switched at birth (26); Zoe McLellan, JAG (38); Kelly Rutherford, gossiper (44); Lori Singer, fame seeker (55). 

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