This Was Television On November 10

1969: Sesame Street debuts

Premiering on NET, the precursor to PBS, the iconic children’s program has been educating toddlers for 43 years and more than 4,300 episodes. Developed by Joan Ganz Cooney, the show blended jokes, music, and colorful recurring characters—many of them Muppets created by legendary puppeteer Jim Henson. Sesame Street took a cue from popular sketch shows like Laugh-In to create brief, lively segments that held kids’ attention long enough to impart lessons practical, social, and ethical. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Vanessa Angel, cyber-genie (46); Hugh Bonneville, landed lord (49); Walton Goggins, Kentucky crime lord (41); Albert Hall, judge (75); George Lowe, animated talk show host (54); Tracy Morgan, sketch star (44); Brittany Murphy, Arlenite (d. 2009); Josh Peck, Nick-com star (26); Mackenzie Phillips, rocker mom (53); Ellen Pompeo, Seattle Grace doc (43); Kiernan Shipka, Draper daughter (13); Sinbad, Hillmanite (56); Michael Jai White, dynamite (45).

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