This Was Television On November 11

1980: Too Close for Comfort debuts

A starring vehicle for Mary Tyler Moore Show alum Ted Knight, the sitcom ran three seasons on ABC and three more in first-run syndication (it would be retitled The Ted Knight Show towards the end of this run). Too Close for Comfort found an unlikely breakout character in Monroe (Jim J. Bullock), who went from early guest star to prominent regular. He also became the center of one of the most infamous incidents-cum-urban-legends in TV history, an episode in which Monroe is abducted and raped by two women (comically, of course).  -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Denise Alexander, soap star (73); Christa B. Allen, Grayson pawn (21); Jennifer Celotta, Office scribe (41); David DeLuise, wizard raiser (41); Leonardo DiCaprio, Seaver lodger (38); Calista Flockhart, attorney (48); Carson Kressley, fashionista (43); Max Mutchnick, co-showrunner (47); Vincent Schiavelli, character actor (d. 2005); Marc Summers, double darer (61); Stanley Tucci, defendant (52); Jonathan Winters, Orkian offspring (87).

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