This Was Television On November 20

1983: The Day After airs

A source of much controversy and consternation, the ABC television movie depicted the aftermath of a nuclear war through the eyes of a few survivors in Kansas, including Steve Guttenberg, John Lithgow, Jason Robards, and JoBeth Williams. Coming during an era of renewed pop culture vigor in the heightened Cold War, The Day After was notable for its somber tone and implicitly pacifist ethos. The broadcast drew 100 million viewers, one of the most widely watched TV movies ever. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Kaye Ballard, comic (87); Dan Byrd, Cougar Townie (27); Richard Dawson, feud arbiter (d. 2012); Bob Einstein, stuntman (70); Joshua Gomez, store manager (37); Sabrina Lloyd, associate producer (42); Richard Masur, accordionist (64); Joel McHale, Human Being (41); Estelle Parsons, character actress (85); Dick Smothers, brother (73); Callie Thorne, Balmer cop (43); 

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