This Was Television On November 24

1963: Jack Ruby murders Lee Harvey Oswald 

News cameras were rolling in the basement of the Dallas police station where Oswald, arraigned the previous day for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, was being escorted to more secure holdings. Ruby, a local nightclub owner, sprang forth from the packed crowd and fired a single, fatal shot at the prisoner. The incident was a coda to a shocking week of violence which for many represented the start of the tumultuous decade to come. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Denise Crosby, security chief (55); Garret Dillahunt, man of many faces (48); Howard Duff, character actor (d. 1990); Katherine Heigl, Seattle Grace doc (34); Sarah Hyland, Dunphy daughter (22); Stephen Merchant, comic (38); 

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