This Was Television On November 30

1956: CBS broadcasts the first program via videotape

The Ampex Quadraplex, introduced earlier that year, was the first commercially viable method for recording to videotape. CBS was the first network to use the technology on the air, recording an edition of Douglas Edward and the News in New York and shipping the tape to CBS Television City in Hollywood for the West Coast broadcast. Within a few years, video had supplanted kinescopes as the industry method for preserving and re-airing programs. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Clay Aiken, idol (34); Jude Ciccolella, character actor (65); Dick Clark, world’s oldest teenager (d. 2012); Kevin Conroy, dark knight (57); Richard Crenna, jalopy owner (d. 2003); Michael Cudlitz, lead officer (48); Kaley Cuoco, nerd associate (27); Elisha Cuthbert, power eater (30); Rich Fields, announcer (52); Robert Guillaume, butler (85); Billy Lush, undercover cop (31); Colin Mochrie, improviser (55); Mandy Patinkin, beard aficionado (60); Amy Ryan, Port Authority cop (43); Ben Stiller, sketch troupe leader (47).

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