This Was Television On December 3

1968: Elvis Presley’s second act begins

Alternately known as Singer Presents Elvis (for the sponsor, Singer Sewing Machine Company) more commonly as The ’68 Comeback Special, erstwhile King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley performed his classic hits in an NBC primetime special. A blend of large, choreographed numbers and smaller performances in a more intimate setting, the concert reintroduced Presley to a musical landscape that had largely left him and his style behind. It’s credited as a turning point in his career, leading to a second phase of cultural prominence in the late ’60s and early 1970s. -A.D.

Also on December 3

2009Jersey Shore debuts on MTV. The reality show mined six seasons out of the the salacious exploits of young Garden Staters. This Was Television On is forced to grudgingly admit this is as a culturally relevant occurrence in the history of the medium.

Today’s Birthdays: Brian Bonsall, Keaton kin (31); Anna Chlumsky, chief of staff (32); Holly Marie Combs, enchantress (39); Steven Culp, special agent (57); Steve Harris, attorney (47); Heather Menzies, character actress (63); Ozzy Osbourne, domestic dad (64); Malinda Williams, soul foodie (37).

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