This Was Television On December 7

1963: The first use of instant replay in a U.S. sports telecast

During a CBS broadcast of the annual Army-Navy college football match, a prototype video replay technology—a 1,300-pound machine introduced by CBS Sports Director Tony Verna—was employed to re-air the winning touchdown. The event ran at normal speed, as play-by-play announcer Lindsey Nelson assured the audience that “Army did not score again.” By some reports this was only the first “authorized” use of instant replay; in 1955, CBC producer George Retzlaff improvised a kinescope replay of a goal during Hockey Night in Canada, but the CBC did not allow the technique to progress due to technological limitations. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Shiri Appleby, alien associate (34); Priscilla Barnes, substitute roommate (57); Ellen Burstyn, matriarch (80); Jennifer Carpenter, cop (33); Jack Huston, marksman (30); Ted Knight, local anchorman (d. 1986); Tony Thomas, producer (65); Peter Tomarken, game show emcee (d. 2006); Eli Wallach, character actor (97).

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