This Was Television On December 9

1965: The Peanuts gang celebrates Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas, the animated special based on Charles M. Schulz’s popular comic strip characters, premiered on CBS. The first of the Peanuts’ primetime holiday specials which have become annual traditions, the show draws heavily on themes of community and faith as Charlie Brown seeks to overcome the commercialization of the Christmas season. It aired every year on CBS until 2000, and has aired on ABC since 2001. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Reiko Aylesworth, CTU agent (40); Dick Butkus, restaurateur (70); Lee J. Cobb, judge (d. 1976); Michael Dorn, Klingon (60); Morton Downey, Jr., talk show host (d. 2001); Redd Foxx, junkman (d. 1991); Simon Helberg, engineer (32); Buck Henry, comic (82); David Anthony Higgins, barista (51); Felicity Huffman, sports producer (50); Toby Huss, Strongest Man in the World (46); Jesse Metcalfe, gardner (34); Michael Nouri, character actor (67); Allison Smith, daughter (43); Dick Van Patten, productive pop (84). 

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