This Was Television On January 8

2003 & 2004: A pair of reality shows premiere

Trista Rehn, the runner-up from the first season of ABC’s dating competition The Bachelor, turned the tables as The Bachelorette. Rehn selected suitor Ryan Sutter during the first season of the program, and the two later wed. The Bachelorette has aired eight seasons on ABC since 2003.

One year later, another of the 2000s’ definitive reality show competitions debuted on NBC. The Apprentice pitted 16 young go-getters against one another in a series of business-related tasks, with the winner receiving a one-year contract to work for host/ringleader Donald Trump. A ratings smash in its early years, The Apprentice aired several more seasons in quick succession and soon burned out. With its seventh season in 2007, the show morphed into Celebrity Apprentice, the format in which it has aired since (with the exception of a short-lived “original” Apprentice reboot in season ten. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Amber Benson, Scooby Gang member (36); Graham Chapman, Python (d. 1989); Bob Eubanks, game show host (75); Michelle Forbes, medical examiner (48); William Hartnell, Doctor (d. 1975); Roy Kinnear, character actor (d. 1988); Kathleen Noone, soap star (68); Elvis Presley, rocker (d. 1977); Soupy Sales, comic (d. 2009); Larry Storch, corporal (90); Laurie Walters, Bradford brood (66).

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