This Was Television On January 9

1995: The Late Late Show debuts

Both CBS and NBC expanded the role of their late-night programming in the mid-1990s, the former with this hour-long talker introduced as a companion to David Letterman’s newly-arrived The Late Show. Originally hosted by former journalist Tom Snyder, the program began life as more topical and less comic than most of its late-night brethren. That tone shifted when Snyder was replaced by original Daily Show anchor Craig Kilborn in 1999. After Kilborn’s departure in 2004, a series of guest hosts bridged the gap until Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson assumed the role full-time in 2005. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: K Callan, Kansas mom (71); Bob Denver, castaway (d. 2005); Nina Dobrev, vamp companion (24); John Doman, deputy commissioner (68); Dick Enberg, sportscaster (78); Al Jean, Springfield scribe (52); Joely Richardson, Tudor queen (48); J.K. Simmons, cop & criminal (58).

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