This Was Television On January 13

1928: Schenectady sees one of the first public TV broadcasts

Swedish-born inventor Ernst Alexanderson, an engineer at General Electric, spent years developing and testing an early form of television broadcasting. On this date he unveiled his microwave television transmission technology to the public, via local station WGY in his upstate New York hometown. This was one of the earliest recorded—by some records, the first—demonstration of TV to a public audience. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: John Mallory Asher, computer geek (42); Traci Bingham, lifeguard (44); Keith Coogan, child actor (43); Patrick Dempsey, doctor (47); Julia Louis-Dreyfus, book editor (42); Nicole Eggert, lifeguard (41); Janet Hubert, rich aunt (57); Beau Mirchoff, love triangle leg (24); Penelope Ann Miller, character actress (49); Richard Moll, bailiff (70); Julian Morris, doctor (30); Jeff Morrow, doctor (d. 1993); Michael Peña, detective (37); Charles Nelson Reilly, game show panelist (d. 2007); Shonda Rhimes, showrunner (43); Robert Stack, G-man (d. 2003); Frances Sternhagen, mailman’s mom (83); Brandon Tartikoff, network exec (d. 1997); Rip Taylor, comic (79).

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