TWTV Hall of Fame: The Results! (January 2013 Edition)

TWTV Hall of Fame Banner

By Cory Barker, Greg Boyd, Les Chappell, Emma Fraser, Andrew Rabin, Anthony Strand, and Cameron White

Happy Wednesday folks! The first TWTV Hall of Fame race of the new year was certainly less controversial than the final one of 2012, and ultimately, it was more popular as well. We saw an increase in votes between December and January. As always, thanks for that — and thanks for sharing, RTing, and commenting. We appreciate it so much.¬†

But without further ado, let’s move on to this month’s results.¬†Inducted into the Hall this month with more than 60 percent yes votes are:

  • James Garner (Rockford Files), with 93 percent yes votes.
  • Jerry Orbach (Law & Order), with 79 percent yes.
  • Martin Sheen (The West Wing), with 75 percent yes.
  • Jack Webb (Dragnet), with 69 percent yes.

And those not inducted this month with less than 60 percent of the yes vote are:

  • Tom Baker (Doctor Who), with only 53 percent yes votes.
  • Ian McShane (Deadwood), with only 46 percent yes.
  • George Clooney (ER), with only 43 percent yes.

There you have it. Not a bad breakdown: four in, three out. Next month, we’ll tackle another one of these major acting categories. And in celebration of these four great men making into our prestigious facility, we present to you this masterpiece:¬†

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