This was Television on January 28

1979: CBS News Sunday Morning debuts

The popular Sunday morning newsmagazine began a run that’s lasted 33 seasons and counting. The blend of world and national news, fine arts coverage, and human interest reporting was hosted by co-creator Charles Kuralt until 1994, when current host Charles Osgood took the reins. CBS New Sunday Morning has stood out for the consistency of its tone and aesthetic over more than three decades on the air; it is also frequently known by its distinctive “sun” logo and Baroque fanfare intro, “Abblasen,” renderings of which have been played by notable TV musicians like Doc Severinsen and Wynton Marsalis -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Alan Alda, army surgeon (77); John Beck, Dallasite, p.1 (70); Joel Crothers, ghost cop (d. 1985); Maurice Gosfield, army private (d. 1964); Susan Howard, Dallasite, p. 2 (69); Kathryn Morris, detective (44); Mo Rocca, correspondent (44); Ariel Winter, Dunphy daughter (15); Elijah Wood, dog’s best friend (32).

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