This was Television on January 30

2003: Columbo has one last thing

The special “Columbo Likes the Nightlife” marked the final appearance of Peter Falk’s beloved rumpled sleuth. Columbo did not have traditional seasons with a typical, fixed number of episodes, but rather aired as a series of movie-length episodes—69 of them altogether, spanning 35 years. After being broadcast steadily on NBC from 1971–78 (after a 1968 pilot movie), the series was revived on ABC in 1989, where it continued in sporadic installments. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Brett Butler, graceful (55); Charles S. Dutton, trash collector (62); Dick Martin, sketch show host (d. 2008); David Opatoshu, character actor (d. 1996); Wilmer Valderrama, exchange student (33); David Wayne, character actor (d. 1995). 

6 Responses to “This was Television on January 30”

    • snark1250

      Columbo was one of the best television crime dramas in Universal Television history and continues to build on the rich Peter Falkian legacy that is truly Falkian. Before Holmes & YoYo, before there was The Six Million Dollar Man, before there were House Calls, Magnum, P.I. and Quantum Leap and before there was Andy Barker, P.I., there was Columbo, a police lieutenant who cracked the toughest murder cases ever. Debuting in 1967 on the NBC Television Network, Columbo enjoyed a 35-year broadcast run on NBC and ABC, respectively.

      • Anthony Strand

        Yeah, I agree. I didn’t mean David Wayne’s birthday should be the headline. Just that “Mad Hatter” would have been a cute tag for him in the list.

        • Andrew Daglas

          Oh, I figured. I just meant that, when it’s a name I don’t recognize, I usually scan the IMDB/Wikipedia listings to get a sense of their resume in order to write their sobriquet, and this time I missed that particular role. Good to know though! Love those Batman ’66 rogues.


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