This was Television on February 15

1960: Sheriff Andy Taylor comes to TV

An episode of Danny Thomas’s hit family sitcom Make Room for Daddy served as a backdoor pilot for what would become The Andy Griffith Show. The genial Griffith played the sheriff of the quiet rural town of Mayberry, NC, where Thomas’s Danny Williams is pulled over for running a stop sign. Ron Howard also appeared in the episode, originating his role as Andy’s son Opie. The Andy Griffith Show debuted on CBS that October . -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Alex Borstein, family gal (40); Chris Farley, SNLer (d. 1997); Matt Groening, animator (59); Rusty Hamer, child actor (d. 1990); Harvey Korman, sketch comic (d. 2008); Reneé O’Connor, warrior (42); Amber Riley, Gleek (27); Cesar Romero, supervillain (d. 1994); Jane Seymour, medicine woman (62); Brendon Small, animator (38).

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