This was Television on February 24

1976: “The Interview” airs

In its 11 seasons, M*A*S*H regularly diverted from the traditional structure of a sitcom episode to experiment with other modes and styles. That was the case in “The Interview,” one of the Korean war drama’s most acclaimed outings. Based on an episode of Edward R. Murrow’s news series See It Now, the fourth season installment was shot in black-and-white and unfolds as a series of interviews with the members of the 4077th.  -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Josh Bernstein, explorer (42); Barry Bostwick, mayor (68); Beth Broderick, witchy aunt (54); Dominic Chianese, mobster (82); Pete Duel, outlaw (d. 1971); James Farentino, character actor (d. 2012); Mark Moses, ad man (55); Edward James Olmos, space admiral (66); Debra Jo Rupp, ’70s mom (62); Abe Vigoda, cop (92); Paula Zahn, journalist (57).


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