This was Television on February 25

1928: The first U.S. TV license is issued

Charles Jenkins Laboratories in Washington D.C. became the first holder of a license to broadcast television, for its station W3XK. The license was issued by the Federal Radio Commission, which had jurisdiction over the nascent medium before its successor agency, the Federal Communications Commission, was formed in 1934. The lab’s principal, Charles Francis Jenkins, was one of the leading inventors behind the development of early TV technology in the 1920s. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Jim Backus, millionaire (d. 1989); Justin Berfield, middle child (27); James Brown, sportscaster (62); Alexis Denisof, Watcher (47); Larry Gelbart, scribe (d. 2009); Karen Grassle, prairie dweller (71); Chelsea Handler, late night emcee (38); Jack Handy, SNL scribe (64); Rashida Jones, Pawneean (37); Nancy O’Dell, host (47); Billy Packer, sportscaster (73); Sally Jesse Raphael, daytime emcee (78).

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