This was Television on March 19

1977: The Mary Tyler Moore Show concludes

Winner of three straight Outstanding Comedy Series Emmys, the sitcom about a young woman working in the newsroom of a Minneapolis TV station ended a run of seven seasons and 168 episodes on CBS. The eponymous Moore picked up several awards of her own for her pioneering role. Created by James L. Brooks and Allan Burns, The Mary Tyler Moore Show inspired three spin-offs based around the characters of Rhoda Morgenstern, Lou Grant, and Phyllis Lindstrom. In addition to being one of the most well regarded sitcoms in TV history, it’s also acclaimed for its positive portrayal of a capable, single career woman during an era when the feminist movement gained steam. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Tige Andrews, cop (d. 2007); Rachel Blanchard, Midnight Society member (37); Pamela Britton, landlady (d. 1974); Glenn Close, attorney (66); Nancy Malone, Naked City dweller (78); Patrick McGoohan, prisoner (d. 2009); Mary Scheer, sketch comic (50); Fred Stoller, comic (48); Connor Trinneer, Trekker (44); Bruce Willis, private investigator (58).

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