This was Television on March 22

1995: Sliders debuts

The science fiction drama, starring Jerry O’Connell as a brilliant physics student who unlocks a method of travelling among parallel dimensions, aired for three seasons on Fox and two more on Sci Fi Channel. The concept was an engine for a range of speculative fiction, as the four “sliders” each week visited a new universe premised on various “what-ifs,” such as a world where the U.S. lost the Revolutionary War or a world suffering under an ice age. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Wolf Blitzer, cable newsman (65); James Brown, Cavalry officer (d. 1992); Bob Costas, sportscaster (61); Carlton Cuse, writer (54); Anne Dudek, doctor (38); Werner Klemperer, Nazi colonel (d. 2000); Ross Martin, Secret Service agent (d. 1981); Lena Olin, spy mom (58); Pat Robertson, televangelist (83); Mary Tamm, companion (d. 2012); M. Emmet Walsh, character actor (78); Kellie Shanygne Williams, eldest daughter (37).

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