This was Television on April 4

1970: Petticoat Junction concludes

The CBS sitcom ran for seven seasons and 222 episodes, including two seasons in the Top 20 rated programs. The series centered on the shenanigans at the Shady Rest Hotel in the eccentric town of Hooterville. Created by Paul Henning, Petticoat Junction inhabited the same universe as two other Hennings sitcoms which aired contemporaneously on CBS, The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres, the latter a spinoff of Petticoat-A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Anthony Clark, husband (49); David Cross, analrapist (49); Greg Garcia, sitcom scribe (43); Luke Halpin, dolphin associate (66); Estelle Harris, sitcom mom (85); Mary-Margaret Hume, Creek dweller (59); David E. Kelley, showrunner (57); Nancy McKeon, tomboy (47); Phil Morris, attorney (54); Craig T. Nelson, coach (69); Graham Norton, talk show host (50); Gene Reynolds, producer (90); Amanda Righetti, investigator (30); Robbie Rist, cousin (49); James Roday, fake psychic (37); David White, ad man (d. 1990).

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