I was never a MACGYVER fan, but I got a real kick out of HUNTER for much of its run (I had mostly stopped watching TV in the late 1980s and didn’t pick up again until the mid 1990s). HUNTER’s biggest asset was Stepfanie Kramer and her rapport with Dryer, which kept the action and machismo somewhat grounded. She’s feminine and funny, but also “the Brass Cupcake”: a tough broad. The series tweaked its format (and its main titles and theme) almost every season. It became much less “Dirty Harry”ish after the first year, the show eventually forgot about Hunter’s mob background, and when Charlie Hallahan (from THE THING) joined the cast as Hunter’s boss–one he got along with–there was a lot less of the cliched (as Bruce Davison told a friend of mine) “Blah blah Hunter you destroyed your fifth car this year blah blah” going on. I like the HUNTER pilot. Having Dennehy as your heavy always helps, but it lays out the backstory and requisite action just fine.