This was Television on April 8

1990: Twin Peaks debuts

Created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, the eccentric mystery series ran two seasons and 30 episodes on ABC. Kyle MacLachlan starred as an FBI agent who arrives in the titular Washington town to investigate the murder of a local teenager, Laura Palmer. Notable for incorporating Lynch’s signature blend of genre elements and surreal tone, Twin Peaks was like little else on TV before or since. Initially a top-rated in 1990, broad interest in the show petered out in the second season, though it has remained a cult favorite and heavy influence on artists in multiple media. -A.D.

Also on April 8

1979All in the Family concludes a nine-season, 208-episode run on CBS. The Emmy-award winning sitcom yielded five spin-offs, including a successor series, Archie Bunker’s Place, which picked up where the parent show left off.

Today’s Birthdays: Patricia Arquette, psychic (45); Emma Caulfield, ex-demon (40); Taylor Kitsch, Dillon Panther (32); Katee Sackhoff, space pilot (33); John Schneider, moonshiner (53).

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