This was Television on April 13

1969: Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore re-team

Three years after the end of The Dick Van Dyke Show, the sitcom that made them famous as husband and wife, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore partnered once more for a CBS musical variety special, Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman. The hour-long special featured the duo in a series of song-and-dance numbers (such as “Life Is Like A Situation Comedy”) mostly centered on the actors’ relationship as long-time TV spouses.  -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Don Adams, secret agent (d. 2005); Jonathan Brandis, sea explorer (d. 2003); Peter Davison, Doctor (62); Tony Dow, elder brother (68); Glenn Howerton, sunny (37); Ron Perlman, biker (63); Caroline Rhea, wacky aunt (49); William Sadler, sheriff (63); Saundra Santiago, vice cop (56); Rick Schroder, rich kid (43); Paul Sorvino, cop (74); Lyle Waggoner, superhero’s squeeze (78).

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