This was Television on May 5

1952: Lucy shills Vitameatavegamin

The I Love Lucy episode “Lucy Does a TV Commercial” one of the most revered episodes in the annals of sitcomdom, debuted on CBS. Lucille Ball’s Lucy Ricardo schemes her way into a role pitching the health tonic Vitameatavegamin—which, due to its 23 percent alcohol content, gets her drunker and drunker with each increasingly addled take. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Mark Alaimo, Cardassian (71); Pat Carroll, character actress (86); Danielle Fishel, girl next door (32); Lance Henriksen, paranormal investigator (73); Will Hutchins, Western lawyer (83); Vincent Kartheiser, ad man (34); Kurt Loder, MTV newsman (68); Michael Palin, Python (70); Roger Rees, billionaire (69); John Rhys-Davies, slider (69); Josh Weinstein, scribe (47); Tina Yothers, kid sister (40).

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