This was Television on May 13

1993, 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2011: Swan songs for long-running series

Several of the longest tenured series in modern TV history concluded their runs on this date, including:

1993: Knots Landing, the CBS primetime soap spun off from Dallas, said goodbye to the cul-de-sac after 14 seasons and 344 episodes. 

2004: One of the last vestiges of NBC’s “Must See TV” era, Frasier said adieu after 264 episodes over 11 seasons, matching the length of its parent series, Cheers.

2005: Though Enterprise ran only four seasons and 98 episodes on UPN, its cancellation ended a string of 18 years with an original Star Trek series on the air, dating to the 1987 debut of The Next Generation.

2007: By longevity and ratings, 7th Heaven could be considered the most successful series in the brief history of The WB. It wrapped up after 11 seasons (the last five on The WB’s successor network, The CW) and 243 episodes of wholesome family drama.

2011: The longest running live-action series based on a comic book universe, Smallville followed the adventures of a pre-Superman Clark Kent for 10 seasons on The WB and The CW, finishing with 218 episodes. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Candice Accola, vampire (26); Sam Anderson, mailroom supervisor (68); Bea Arthur, golden (d. 2009); Alan Ball, scribe (56); Stephen Colbert, pundit (49); Lena Dunham, writer (27); Hunter Parrish, weed peddler (26); Iwan Rheon, misfit (28); Debby Ryan, nanny (20).

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