This was Television on May 14

1998: Seinfeld signs off

According to TV legend, “The Seinfeld Chronicles” was one of the worst-testing pilots in network history. Yet it eventually spawned a gargantuan hit, the sitcom that would conquer pop culture in the 1990s and help cement NBC’s  “Must See TV” lineup as a ratings powerhouse. Seinfeld purported to be “a show about nothing,” following the daily life of a stand-up comic loosely based on its eponymous star and his three friends in Manhattan. Sometimes banal and sometimes outre, the creation of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David ran for nine seasons and 180 episodes before concluding with a famously divisive finale on this date. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Richard Deacon, TV producer (d. 1984); Gabriel Mann, tech billionaire (41): Amber Tamblyn, holy helper (30).

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