TWTV Hall of Fame: The Results! (May 2013 Edition)

TWTV Hall of Fame Banner

By Les Chappell, Emma Fraser, Whitney McIntosh, Andrew Rabin, and Anthony Strand

Happy Wednesday folks. As always, thanks for sharing, voting, RTing, and doing whatever it is you do with this month’s Hall of Fame race. This wasn’t one of our more popular categories, but we had some capable nominees and interested writers hoping that their picks will make it into the very prestigious This Was TV Hall of Fame. You were kind to some of our nominees, less so others. Why don’t we get to the nominees, shall we?

Those miniseries making into the Hall of Fame with over 60 percent yes votes are the following:

  • Roots, with an impressive 97 percent yes votes.
  • Band of Brothers, with 83 percent yes votes.
  • Pride and Prejudice, with 71 percent yes votes.
  • Shōgun, with 70 percent yes votes. 

And those failing to make into the Hall this month are:

  • Merlin, with only 20 percent yes votes.

Ouch. Sorry Whitney. Four out of the five nominees made it into the Hall pretty safely with at least 70 percent yes votes. Merlin was not a favorite among you voters, scoring our lowest number of yes votes in the short history of the TWTV Hall of Fame. Interesting month. 

Come June, we’ll have something new, and hopefully a little more popular, for you folks to vote on. As always, we encourage you to let us know what you’d like us to discuss and/or nominate. Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments here. Let’s celebrate these newly-inducted miniseries with a glorious song. 

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