This was Television on May 16

2013: The Office (US) closes

Adapted from the acclaimed British comedy of the same name, The Office was one of NBC’s few scripted hits in the post-Must See TV era of the 2000s and 2010s. Helping to make a star of original lead Steve Carell, and gradually expanding into a large ensemble comedy, the faux-documentary about the humdrum lives of white collar workers at a Scranton, PA paper company ran for nine seasons and 200 episodes. In 2006, it won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: David Boreanaz, vampire (44); Pierce Brosnan, fake detective (60); Harry Carey, Jr., Westerner (d. 2012); Tucker Carlson, talking head (44); Yvonne Craig, superhero (76); Jack Dodson, Mayberrian (d. 1994); Henry Fonda, lawman (d. 1982); George Gaynes, foster dad (96); Miles Heizer, Braverman kin (19); Tracey Gold, middle child (44); Liberace, pianist (d. 1987); Melanie Lynskey, obsessive neighbor (36); Kevin McDonald, Kid in the Hall (52); Joseph Morgan, vampire (32); Tori Spelling, Beverly Hillsian (40); Studs Terkel, diner proprietor (d. 2008); Danny Trejo, character actor (69); Mare Winningham, character actress (54).

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