This was Television on May 23

2010: Lost concludes

The two-hour finale to one of the most popular dramas of the 2000s generated a heated and divided fan reaction that remains part of the show’s legacy. Through a six-season, 121-episode run on ABC, Lost had earned a die-hard following in part by layering multiple mysteries onto the story of a group of plane crash survivors on an uncharted Pacific island. The twisty series explored time travel, alternate universes, shadowy conspiracies, clandestine scientific research, paranormal creatures, and other speculative fiction material. Lost consistently drew more than ten million U.S. viewers—an increasing rarity for broadcast networks during its era—and won six Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series for its first season.  -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: Betty Astell, early adopter (d. 2005); Joan Collins, dynast (80); Betty Garrett, landlady (d. 2011); Ken Jennings, quiz master (39); Charles Kimbrough, anchorman (77); John Payne, gunfighter (d. 1989); Edna Skinner, horse’s neighbor (d. 2003).

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