This was Television on June 4

1981: The Waltons say goodnight

The popular family drama, about the denizens of the rural Virginian town of Walton’s Mountain, ended a run of nine seasons and 210 episodes on CBS. Based on the novel Spencer’s Mountain and its subsequent film adaptation, The Waltons —which became a by-word for wholesome family TV—charted the lives of a sizable and close-knit clan through the Depression and the Second World War. The series won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 1973, and stars Henry Thomas, Michael Learned, Ellen Corby, and Will Geer all took home acting trophies during its run. -A.D.

Today’s Birthdays: James Callis, Galactican (42); Keith David, character actor (57); Don Diamond, frontier dweller (d. 2011); Rob Huebel, TV doc (41); Parker Stevenson, teen detective (61); Dennis Weaver, Marshal (d. 2006); Scott Wolf, Party member (45); Noah Wyle, doctor (42).

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